All columns and rafters are welded I-beams, which are coated with red oxide primer for protection against corrosion during storage, shipping, and erection.  These structural members are designed to meet or exceed your local building codes and withstand anything that Mother Nature can come up with.  If required for permitting, a professional engineer licensed in your state will certify the structural plans for your new building.  Whether you plan on spanning 30’ to 150’, USB has what you’re looking for.  


All girts (walls), purlins (roof), and eave struts (where wall meets roof) span the roof and walls connecting the mainframes and end walls of the building.  These components are formed from steel coils in “C” and “Z” configurations, and are also coated in red oxide primer.  Available in 12, 14, and 16 gauges, depending on the application, these members are factory pre-punched and cut to length to minimize any field fabrication.  The eave struts are a “C” channel that is pitched to match the roof slope.  USB offers roof slopes ranging from 1/2:12 to 4:12.


“X” Bracing comes standard in our clear span buildings, with the exception of smaller structures.  Though sheeting provides the majority of strength to the building, bracing is vital.  In rare cases “X” Bracing cannot be used and we are able to utilize portal frames or wind columns for added strength. 


At USB, we use 26 gauge,  “PBR” (purlin bearing rib) panel standard in the roof and walls of our buildings.  Most other companies only offer the “PBR” panel in the roof, if at all.  This panel has an extra “leg” that presses against the framing member during fastening and sheet lapping, allowing the panel to remain in place, eliminating the possibility of panel roll.  The end result is a cleaner, stronger, and more weather resistant building.   

We also offer a variety of other panel profiles including:  “PBU”, “PBC”, “PBD”, “PBA”, and Standing Seam panels. All of which are offered in a multitude of colors and in 24, and 22 gauges.   The colored panels come standard with a siliconized polyester finish, and the galvalume panels (roof) are hot dipped and acrylic coated so they will stand up to extreme conditions and remain attractive for years to come.


All USB buildings come fully trimmed.  Our complete trim package is the same quality, gauge, and paint finish as the structure.  Each building comes with gutters, downspouts, and full cover trim for all openings.  With many of our competitors, this would be an added expense.


Quality fasteners are a very important aspect of any structure, yet are often overlooked by the uninformed.  Different screws do different jobs and it is important to use the right ones.  We use #12x1 1/4” Self-Drillers for attaching the panels.  The longer screw allows you to penetrate through insulation with minimal compression, while its tight threads hold each panel firmly in place.  Our lap screws are #14x7/8” with long course threads.  They are used where panels lap to form a tight seal.  All of our “Self-Drilling” fasteners come with a neoprene washer to seal the entry holes.  Additionally, each screw head is cup-shaped to reduce the risk of damaging the washer and compromising the seal.


Each and every bolt in a USB metal building is engineered to insure that the structure will withstand the conditions and use for which it was designed.  And, since all of the members are pre-punched at the factory, your building will bolt together with ease.  Our clear span buildings come with the necessary A307 and A325 bolts to get the job done and insure you the utmost strength and rigidity.


There are many other important components that make up a quality USB metal building.  We use inside and outside preformed self-adhesive closure strips to add to the weather tight characteristics of our buildings.  Whether your project calls for a 1:12 slope or a 4:12, our die-form ridge cap fits tightly over the roof panel.  Each ridge cap is formed to fit the panel exactly and, with mastic sealer, this combination makes for an unsurpassed weatherproof seal.


A USB mini-storage building and boat/rv building utilizes many of the same components detailed above with the main exception being the primary framing.  Instead of the I-beam framing, they are built with a load-bearing wall system made of 4”x2 ½” “C” channel on 5’ centers and 4”x2 ½” “Z’s” in the roof.  And, like our other buildings, we use “PBR” panels in the roof and walls and they are fully trimmed with no red-iron showing from the outside, for an attractive appearance.  At USB, we strive to provide the most “maintenance-free” building possible.  That’s why we use the highest quality roll-up doors on the market.  Our standard roll-up door has a 26 gauge door curtain that is galvanized and pre-painted with a silicone polyester paint.  The dual springs are pre-lubricated and encased in a full width galvanized steel barrel designed for reduced sag and improved operation.  And, an easy-to-use spring tension adjuster is located on one end to allow the springs to be tightened or loosened in increments of ¼ turns.

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